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Note: This post has been moved from my old Wordpress personal blog, which I don’t expect to update anymore.

Surreal world

The first weeks (or even months) after my brain surgery, I experienced a state of extreme confusion. It was probably related to my memory problems (which I already talked about in my first post), but I seem to remember I felt like being the main character of a surreal movie.

Even when my main surgery (the one that removed the tumor from my head) was done on March 10th 2020, and I left the hospital on April 23rd, my neuropsychologist reported that on my first video-call interview, done on May 1st, I still looked “lost, answering with monosyllabic words to my questions”. Also, it seems I knew I was with my wife in our flat in Ronda, but at the same time I said I didn’t “remember the distribution of that flat or living there before” (although we had already been living there for some years).

I’ll try to explain in the next posts what I seem to remember about how I felt in those moments, but basically, in my neuropsychologist words, I looked personally, temporally and spatially disoriented (which seems to be, by the way, a common symptom in ABI).