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This year 2022 is leaving and a new one, 2023, is coming.

At the beginning of this year the medical tribune denied declaring me permanently disabled, so as a consequence I had to rejoin my previous position as a software engineer in Telefonica. At the same time, I demanded them. The judgement will take place in 2024.

I really tried to do it well, but in the end the secondary effects of my surgeries made my boss realize that something was wrong, so he had a talk with me that made me feel very anxious and stressed. Indeed, I had to take another leave because of this reason, but the medical tribune rejected, in a first take, to accept it as valid.

I had to rejoin Telefonica again, but they seemed to understand the complexity of my case and told me to pass another medical recognition, more oriented to reflect my cognitive difficulties. A friend told us that there were a legal way to appeal the medical tribune resolution, so I thought about using it, attaching the medical recognition report as a probe of my difficulties to do my previous job.

Anyway, as I saw that it was very difficult for me to properly explain to the people in the medical tribune the secondary effects I had (sometimes they asked me about those effects and I didn’t remember them, due to my amnesia), I could get from my neurologist a report which stated that it was recommended that my wife come with me to talk to the medical tribune. She could finally come with me and we could explain together my secondary effects to those people.

After hearing us, the medical tribune finally decided to give me a new sick leave, and that’s the one I have today.

A new hope, a new challenge

The final days of 2021 we also discovered that we were pregnant. It it a girl, and we decided to call her Ana. It’s not only a great news, but also a great challenge for us, especially for me taking into account the cognitive secondary effects of my surgeries. Blanca also thinks it will be a good stimulous to my mind.

She finally came to this world finishing August. She’s a very good girl, and we’re definitely very happy with her.

Happy 2023

This will continue being my personal blog indefinitely, so I’ll try to improve it and I’ll try to continue writing here periodically.

I wish you all a very happy 2023!