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2021 has been the year when I started to accept (and even celebrate!) my new status as ABI affected (and survivor). It’s not a little thing. ABI is shocking for anyone who suffers from it, but it can also be the beginning of a different, new and better (yes, better!) life. A life where one can learn to identify his or her weaknesses and strenghts, how to transform weaknesses into strenghts and how to use the latter to compensate the former.

I’m thankful because I’m alive and because, during this year, I learned a lot of ways to overcome obstacles in my life and to be a better human being after all.

2021 has been a transition year. During this year I started to be more independent. I started, somehow, to be me again. I hope 2022 to be the year when I can start to consider myself recovered from my ABI (at least when I can consider my rehabilitation more or less over) and when I can return to more or less normal life. Yes, I know I’m different after all this, but someway we’re always different as time doesn’t stops and every experience makes us different.

Next year should be the year when I hopefully just go on with my life after this really overwhelming experience. I know it will not be exactly the same as before, but I want to think that it doesn’t really matter so much since I don’t really remember so exactly how my life was in the past ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So let’s go on! I wish you everyone a happy 2022! :)